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Great home products unseat terrible politicians

Why are there so many awful politicians?

We're talking about irresponsible politicians who pretend climate change isn't real, that guns are a basic human right, but healthcare isn't, that there's no such thing as income inequality.

The corporations want it this way

Corporations have stuffed our government full of crony politicians who put the profit interests of their bosses over the welfare of the people they were elected to represent.

... and they're using your money to do it

Every month you spend about a hundred bucks on assorted household goods like garbage bags, dish and hand soap, laundry detergent, etc. Surprise surprise, the companies that make these products are some of the worst. Koch Industries is responsible for popular household brands like Brawny paper towels and AngelSoft toilet paper. Even brands like Mrs. Meyers Clean Day that present as green and ethical are owned by parent corporations that funnel your dollars into exactly the kind of politics you hate.

So here's how we break the vicious cycle

We're making our own line of basic household products. They're pretty green. They're packaged sustainably, by responsible people. We're going to be offering them as a subscription service starting in a few short months. And here's the best part:

We use half the profits to unseat awful politicians

Think of it like a carbon offset, but for consumerism. If you replace your current household items with ours, you will be making a material contribution towards unfucking the mess we're in as a country.

This isn't a pipe dream

If we can collectively persuade a million people to replace just a few of their "pro Mitch McConnell" products with our "DITCH Mitch McConnell" products and keep their subscriptions strong, this thing will be a really big deal. That's our goal. We see this as a kind of revolutionary idea. By pooling our purchasing power, we can build a massive political counterweight to the corporate status quo.

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